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Vizient‘s sales team uses to generate these reports containing vital business information. Thirty-five analyst users need immediate access to for reporting purposes. Vizient wanted to minimize Salesforce license costs, as some of the user licenses were used strictly to view the data. A new and cost-effective solution was needed to support the business information needs, with the flexibility to make the data accessible and available to any analytics or business intelligence tool used by the relevant business units.


Vizient had an instance of Salesforce that several analysts used, increasing the licensing cost for every user. Vizient decided to use the Denodo Platform for data virtualization to replicate the external Salesforce environment into an internal reporting environment. The Denodo Platform’s ease-of-use and fine-grained security to the field level of each report made its adoption successful.


The Denodo Platform helped Vizient drive down licensing costs drastically by avoiding the expenses of several Salesforce licenses. Savings accrued to Vizient beginning right from the first year. At this rate of cost savings, Vizient will break even with their Denodo Platform investment within 1.5 years.

The Quotes

“The Denodo Platform will provide 350% ROI over 5 years and break even within 1.5 years of our initial project and will continue to deliver additional savings every year. Further, we plan to leverage the platform in our data lake project.”

Chuck DeVries VP Architecture and Development, Vizient

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