Vizient Cuts Costs and Improves Member Services using the Denodo Platform for Data Virtualization


Chuck DeVries
The Denodo Platform will provide 350% ROI over 5 years and break even within 1.5 years of our initial project and will continue to deliver additional savings every year. Further, we plan to leverage the platform in our data lake project.
Chuck DeVries Chief Technology Officer, Interim CIO at Vizient

Vizient is the largest member-owned healthcare company in the US delivering industry-leading supply chain management services and clinical improvement services to its members. Vizient provides services to 5,000 not-for-profit health system members and their affiliates, including 1,360 acute care hospitals.

When your mission is to drive performance improvement in health care, you have an innate respect for the value of data. So when Vizient, tasked with delivering performance analysis to 30% of U.S. hospitals, needed to streamline its business information architecture for greater efficiency, Vizient leveraged the Denodo Platform.

An Intelligent Architecture

Vizient was maintaining licenses for all of the company’s sales operations team members, but this was inefficient, since most required read-only access for reporting. Vizient wanted to implement a cloud-based reporting architecture to replace the company’s on-premises authoring environment.

Vizient leveraged the Denodo Platform, which uses data virtualization to provide read-only access to Salesforce data to multiple users through a central access point. Due to the dedicated Salesforce connectors of the Denodo Platform, Vizient was able to establish a secure, one-way feed of Salesforce data, comprised of 16 different data sets, each with its own specifications for access.

The new cloud-based infrastructure was not only more efficient, it also enabled more powerful analytics, as the Denodo Platform can easily expose data to a broad suite of business intelligence tools.


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  • Industry: Healthcare
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  • Solution: BI and Analytics
  • Product: Denodo Platform

At a glance

The streamlined infrastructure significantly drove down Salesforce licensing costs.

The Denodo Platform unified disparate data sets; using Tableau, Vizient turned the unified data into easy-to-navigate, self-serviceable visual reports and analysis.

With the new infrastructure, Vizient can now use machine learning and advanced analytics to help member organizations save millions of dollars while enabling them to offer the best treatment to patients.

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