TDWI Data Points: Internal Data Marketplaces

As many companies use more data for analytics and insights, they want to enrich their data sets for analysis and make data more easily accessible and understandable. One solution to these needs is an internal data marketplace.

An internal data marketplace is a platform where data and analytics within an organization are organized, managed, and made accessible to various business units and teams. It collects metadata and provides a centralized location where users can come and find data, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing among teams.

There are several benefits to using internal data marketplaces for advancing analytics, including centralized data access and governance, easier data democratization, and access to more timely data. However, there are also some significant difficulties in implementation and adoption.

This TDWI Data Points Report discusses the current state of internal data marketplaces. It examines the challenges organizations are facing, the opportunities for internal marketplaces, and the value they can provide.

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