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Denodo’s vision is to provide a unified data delivery layer as a logical data fabric, to bridge the gap between the IT and the business, hiding the underlying complexity and creating a semantic layer to expose data in a business friendly manner.

To realize that vision, Denodo Platform 8.0 incorporates features that accelerate the delivery of governed data to business applications. Denodo Platform 8.0 also provides capabilities to better support new types of users and new types of use cases, such as data science and machine learning (ML) initiatives. In addition, Denodo Platform 8.0 is a big step forward in offering platform as a service (PaaS) support, with capabilities to automatically manage the cloud infrastructure from a centralized web console.

This whitepaper reviews the new features of Denodo 8.0, classified across to the following categories:

  • Enhanced, Unified, Web-Based User Experience
  • Performance Acceleration for Complex Analytical Queries in Logical Data Warehouse / Data Fabric Scenarios
  • PaaS support for Cloud and Hybrid Environments
  • Enhanced Data Services APIs with Graph-Like Access to Denodo Views
  • Going Beyond the Logical Data Warehouse: New Support for Data Science and ML
  • Enhanced User Experience in the Data Catalog

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