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Accelerare la migrazione al Cloud e la modernizzazione dell'architettura con la virtualizzazione dei dati (Italy)

Le odierne strategie di migrazione verso il cloud devono tenere conto della maggiore complessità, in tali contesti, delle attività di Governance dei dati e di definizione delle architetture ibride e multi-cloud, riducendo al contempo i rischi intrinseci di perturbare le attività degli utenti e delle applicazioni durante la migrazione. I vantaggi principali della tecnologia di virtualizzazione dei dati forniscono l'astrazione necessaria per disaccoppiare gli utenti e le applicazioni da attività quali la migrazione e il consolidamento dei dati, aggiungendo al contempo la semantica e la...

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Data Virtualization: Fulfilling the Digital Transformation Requirement in Banking

Data is at the center of this digital transformation, but caution needs to be taken to ensure customers’ data rights, privacy and security are top priorities, especially with initiatives like Open Banking and shifts to Cloud environments. So how do banks move forward, living up to market expectations and staying competitive while protecting their customers and complying with regulations?Banking institutions need to update their legacy systems and implement strategies and services that will transform them into digital financial organizations. They need agile access to information that can be...

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Simplifying Cloud Architectures with Data Virtualization

Moving applications and data to the Cloud is a priority for many organizations. The benefits - in terms of flexibility, agility, and cost savings - are driving Cloud adoption. However, the journey to the Cloud is not as easy as many people think. The process of moving application and data to the Cloud is challenging and can entail widespread disruption across the organization if not carefully managed. Even when systems are migrated to the Cloud, the resultant hybrid or multi-Cloud architecture is more complex for users to navigate, making it harder for them to get the data that they need to...

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Prologis Leverages the Denodo Platform and Snowflake to Modernize and Accelerate Analytics

Prologis manages a wide breadth of real estate assets across the globe, which translates into a staggering amount of data in a variety of languages and stored in a variety of geographically dispersed sources. Every day, Prologis needs to integrate this vast amount of data to operate its business effectively.For more information on how Prologis used the Denodo Platform, visit their customer page

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