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Data Driven Advanced Analytics using Denodo Platform on AWS

Accelerating cloud adoption and modernizing analytics in the cloud has become a necessity to facilitate timely, insightful, and impactful decision making. However, with the widespread data in an organization across disparate hybrid cloud data sources poses a challenge with real time and well governed analytics. Data Virtualization is a modern data integration technique in which a single semantic layer can be built to help drive data democratization and speed up the analytics in an efficient and cost-effective manner.Join this session to learn:How various AWS services (Redshift, S3, RDS) can...

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Myth Busters VIII: I'm moving to the Cloud, so I don't need data virtualization

So your company has decided to modernize its systems and migrate to the Cloud. Or, maybe, you're in the middle of this modernization and migration process right now. Taking advantage of the dynamic agility and flexibility of the Cloud offerings is certainly something to look forward to. But how do you ensure that your users can access the data that they need from the various Cloud and on-premise data sources - before, during, and after the migrations?The Cloud vendors will tell you that if you move your data to the Cloud, you won't need technologies like data virtualization. Is this true? Is...

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How has Cloud Enabled Business Transformation Become a Top Priority for Organizations? 

Podcast Guest: Syed Rasheed, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Denodo

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Cloud Migration Strategies that Ensure Greater Value for the Business

The cloud is no longer the future; the cloud is now. Companies continue to shift their workloads and data to the cloud to leverage the speed, agility, and efficient scalability the cloud offers. As a result, there is increasing attention given to cloud-based data warehouses, data lakes, and lake houses as a way for organizations to simplify managing their ever-increasing volumes of data. However, many find that these new technologies only complicate the data management process.Join Kevin Bohan, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo as he explores the challenges faced when adopting cloud...

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Maximizing the Business Value of Data: Platforms, Integration, & Management

Research Insights from the Q3 2022 TDWI Best Practices Report

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Partner Panel: The Role of Data Virtualization in Your Cloud Migration Strategy

Panel by Patrick Meneses, Chief Data & Analytics Officer at MDI Novare; Cameron Tuesley, CEO at Integral; Syed Rasheed, Principal Product Marketing at Denodo; and moderated by Alex Hoehl, Senior Director Business Development APAC at Denodo.

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Accelerate Cloud Migrations and Architecture with Data Virtualization

Partner Keynote by Amit Mody, Sr. Manager at Accenture.

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Best Practices for Cloud Migrations with Zero Disruption with AWS Marketplace

Partner Keynote by Vaishali Ghiya, Head of Marketplace, Networking, Security, Data & Analytics, AI & ML, Storage at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Denodo on Cloud Marketplaces: How to Accelerate & Simplify Cloud Data Integration in a Cost-effective Way?

Podcast Guest: Mitesh Shah, Senior Cloud Product Manager & Cloud Evangelist, Denodo

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Is Data Virtualization the Secret to Accelerate Cloud Migration?

Podcast Guest: Ravi Shankar, Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer at Denodo

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