Maximizing the Business Value of Data: Platforms, Integration, & Management

Research Insights from the Q3 2022 TDWI Best Practices Report

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David Stodder
David Stodder Senior Director of Research for BI TDWI

Maximizing the value of data is essential to achieving data- and analytics-driven objectives. Legacy data systems and practices hold organizations back. Major trends such as cloud migration, digital transformation, data democratization, and development of data-rich, AI-infused applications are accelerating change. Organizations surveyed for TDWI’s latest research show strong interest in modernizing data platforms, data integration tools, and data management practices, with 54 percent actively modernizing and 29 percent planning to do so. Many organizations are looking for capabilities that deliver faster, in-context, trusted data insights. They need seamless data flows to enrich development of analytics and AI/ML to drive both human and automated decisions inside cutting-edge data applications and for data sharing.

Organizations are looking to modernize with flexible data management, self-service data intelligence, data catalogs, and unified approaches to viewing, accessing, and governing distributed data, including across hybrid multicloud environments.

Watch this webinar to hear TDWI’s latest research about data management, data integration, and comprehensive data platforms. TDWI will present findings from the newest Best Practices Report about critical trends and drivers. Best practices recommendations will focus on how you can address challenges through modernization.

Topics will include:

  • Data strategies for digital transformation, data democratization, and fueling AI-infused data applications
  • Taking advantage of cloud data platforms; insights into cloud migration experiences and strategies
  • How data management choices such as NoSQL match up with data platform and application requirements
  • Using data virtualization, data fabrics, and data mesh to address distributed data challenges, including hybrid multicloud
  • Data catalogs, data intelligence, and semantic layers: Trends for building, accessing, and sharing essential knowledge about data, including for data governance

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