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Building Resiliency and Agility with Data Virtualization for the New Normal (Philippines)

While the impact of COVID-19 is uniform across organisations in the region, a lot of how the organisation can recover from the impact and strive in the market would depend on their resiliency and business agility. An organisation’s data management strategy holds the key, as they tackle the challenges of siloed data sources, optimising for operational stability, and ensuring real time delivery of consistent and reliable information, irrespective of the data source or format.Join this session to hear why large organisations are implementing Data Virtualization, a modern data integration...

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Three Dimensions of Data as a Service (Middle East)

Today’s evolving data landscape has spawned new business challenges that require innovative solutions. These challenges include:Strategic decision-making, which relies on multiple perspectives such as social and economic factors that require combining internal and external data.Accounting for the increased volume and structural complexity of today’s data, and increased frequency required in delivering data assets.Coping with data silos that house data that must be combined and provisioned to support decision-making.Exposing purpose-built analytics, such as supply chain, for consumption in...

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Продвинутый анализ и машинное обучение с помощью виртуализации данных (Russia)

Передовые методы сбора и обработки информации, такие как машинное обучение, оказались чрезвычайно полезным инструментом для получения ценных знаний на основе имеющихся данных. Такие платформы, как Spark, и математические библиотеки для R, Python и Scala позволяют ученым, работающим с данными, использовать передовые технологии. Однако эти ученые тратили большую часть своего времени на поиск нужных данных и их преобразование в удобный для использования формат. Виртуализация данных предлагает новую парадигму для более эффективного и гибкого решения этих проблем.Посетите этот вебинар и узнайте:...

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The Future of Data Strategy (Middle East)

You will often hear that "data is the new gold". In this context, data management is one of the areas that has received more attention by the software community in recent years. From Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to new ways to store and process data, the landscape for data management is in constant evolution. From the privileged perspective of an enterprise middleware platform, we at Denodo have the advantage of seeing many of these changes happen.In this webinar we will discuss the technology trends that will drive the enterprise data strategies in the years to come. Don't...

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Managing the Impact of COVID-19 Using Data Virtualization

To help alleviate the ramifications of COVID-19, Denodo launched the Coronavirus Data Portal (CDP), a collaborative initiative that leverages data virtualization to unify critical datasets originally exposed in different formats from multiple sources and countries, and make the unified data open to everyone.Using the CDP and the data virtualization capabilities of the Denodo Platform, pmOne created detailed reports and AI analysis, seamlessly orchestrating all of the information streams in the pmOne Share Cockpit.Working together, Denodo and pmOne provides the global community with...

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Data Virtualization: Fulfilling the Digital Transformation Requirement in Banking

Data is at the center of this digital transformation, but caution needs to be taken to ensure customers’ data rights, privacy and security are top priorities, especially with initiatives like Open Banking and shifts to Cloud environments. So how do banks move forward, living up to market expectations and staying competitive while protecting their customers and complying with regulations?Banking institutions need to update their legacy systems and implement strategies and services that will transform them into digital financial organizations. They need agile access to information that can be...

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Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning with Data Virtualization

Advanced data science techniques, like machine learning, have proven an extremely useful tool to derive valuable insights from existing data. Platforms like Spark, and complex libraries for R, Python and Scala put advanced techniques at the fingertips of the data scientists. However, these data scientists spent most of their time looking for the right data and massaging it into a usable format. Data virtualization offers a new alternative to address these issues in a more efficient and agile way.Attend this webinar and learn:

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Denodo, pilier central de votre stratégie API

L'une des idées fondamentales derrière la virtualisation des données est le découplage des sources de données avec les méthodes de consommation. Pourquoi le besoin en requêtes de données dans JSON sur HTTP devrait-il nécessiter du développement supplémentaire? Denodo fournit un accès immédiat à ses ensembles de données via REST, OData 4, GeoJSON et d'autres protocoles, sans codage requis. Facile à faire évoluer, cloud-compatible et directement intégrable aux plateformes de gestion d'API, Denodo est l'outil idéal pour réussir votre stratégie API !Dans cette session, nous aborderons les points...

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Come abilitare la Self Service Analytics con il Logical DWH

In tutte le aziende c’è una sempre più forte necessità di ottenere informazioni e indicazioni da dati che continuano a crescere in numero e varietà delle fonti, e in cui la componente non strutturata sarà presto prevalente. La soluzione a questo nuovo scenario, secondo gli analisti, è il data warehouse logico (LDW), che ha dimostrato avere una base più agile per la delivery e la trasformazione dei dati, semplificando il collegamento rapido di nuove sorgenti dati. Partecipa a questo webinar per approfondire come la tua organizzazione può migrare in modo graduale e con successo verso un'...

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CTO Perspective: Denodo 8.0 - The Next Generation of Data Virtualization

Alberto Pan, CTO & Executive VP at Denodo, explores the next generation in modern data management - The Denodo Platform v.8.0

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