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Errol Rodericks
Errol Rodericks EMEA & LATAM Product & Solutions Marketing Director Denodo
Raúl Beiroa Raposo
Raúl Beiroa Raposo Senior Product Manager Denodo

The financial industry faces many challenges as a result of heightened regulatory requirements, the growing importance of ESG, and the emergence of FinTech. Addressing these challenges requires a modern approach to data management that will allow financial institutions to leverage an ever-expanding pool of diverse data sources and to access this data in real-time. 

Well managed data enables: Improved customer experience 

  • ESG & Sustainability compliance 
  • AI/Analytics & Gen AI and Open Banking success 
  • Proactive risk management 

Watch this webinar to learn why a logical or semantic layer for data access, and the development of a data fabric based on data virtualization is the way to meet the demands of a dynamic financial landscape in a timely manner and ensure secure, reliable, and governed self-service access. We’ll include a demo to help visualize this approach as well share customer case studies.


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