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Data Sentinel and Denodo

Partnering to facilitate data protection and compliance, leveraging advanced data management and sophisticated automation

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Myth Busters 9: Data virtualization doesn’t help me with data governance

In the past, data governance was looked upon as a thankless task, more of a hindrance to business than a facilitator. However, because of today's data privacy regulations, data governance is increasingly seen as a critical function across most organizations. Companies are investing in governance tools, data quality tools, data catalogs, and so on in an effort to improve their data governance function.Many people think that data virtualization has no role to play in data governance, that it's just a data access layer. And this is why we're back with another episode of Myth Busters!

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Partner Solution Brief: Humanativa and Denodo

Today, organizations are not lacking in data. However, with growing data volumes, many continue to struggle with data privacy, consistency, and quality, as well as compliance with a growing number of regulations. In response, organizations need robust, end-to-end data governance capabilities. Unfortunately, many organizations today are unable to achieve these critical capabilities.Working together, Humanativa and Denodo enable companies to overcome each of these challenges, so they can implement powerful data governance programs that enable them to gain the maximum value from their growing...

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Panel: Using Big Data to Prepare for a digital future and Addressing its Challenges

Presented at Big Data & Analytics Summit ASEAN (BYTES'22)How will Data analytics trends change and accelerate transformation of informed decision making?Using data and moving between various digital touchpoints to harness valuable insightsHow to overcome the challenges of data privacy and differing governance models?

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PIPEDA - Québec’s Law 25 - Leveraging Data Virtualization to Protect Data Privacy

Ensuring Seamless Compliance with the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act (PIPEDA) and the Québec’s Law 25

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Myth Busters VI: Data Virtualization makes access easier – but what control do I have?

Your business stakeholders need more data, faster data, more relevant, and more timely data. They are pushing for a data and analytics self-service model to speed up getting key insights. The CEO has made it clear that this is critical to the continued growth and health of the business...this is your top priority.You've done your research and you really like the concept of using Data Virtualization as a data access layer, supporting the type of self-service wanted by the business. The fact that you have data spread across different departments, as well as in the Cloud, makes this idea even...

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Redefining Digital Transformation with Data Virtualization (APAC)

The onset of the pandemic witnessed acceleration in digital transformation of major sectors, especially financial services. Financial establishments are redefining the digital customer journey by understanding the customers’ changing priorities and preferences, providing innovative and personalized offerings with an integrated digital framework.The importance of focus on data privacy grows by the second with the world shifting to hybrid modes of working and introduction of new laws across countries. The increasing cost and complexities of evolving regulatory compliances are posing new...

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Leveraging Data Virtualization to Protect Data Privacy (A/NZ)

Compliance with privacy and security regulations such as GDPR is tricky since data is often stored across myriad heterogeneous data sources, both on-premises and in the cloud. These regulations require companies to report on where specific records are stored, where they may have been transferred to, and who has the authority to view this data. In addition, they will need to track all transactions that involve the selling of personal information.Data virtualization provides companies with fine-grained control over sensitive customer information stored across multiple systems by establishing a...

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How to Swiftly Operationalize the Data Lake for Advanced Analytics Using a Logical Data Fabric (ASEAN)

Presented at Chief Data Officer Live Series 2021, ASEAN (August Edition)While big data initiatives have become necessary for any business to generate actionable insights, big data fabric has become a necessity for any successful big data initiative. The best-of-breed big data fabrics should deliver actionable insights to the business users with minimal effort, provide end-to-end security to the entire enterprise data platform, and provide real-time data integration while delivering a self-service data platform to business users.  Watch this on-demand session to learn how big data fabric...

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Secure Your Data with Virtual Data Fabric (ASEAN)

Security, data privacy, and data protection represent concerns for organizations that must comply with policies and regulations that can vary across regions, data assets, and personas.Data Virtualization offers a single logical point of access, avoiding point-to-point connections from consuming applications to the information sources. As a single point of data access for applications, it is the ideal place to enforce access security restrictions that can be defined in terms of the canonical model with a very fine granularity.Denodo has been successfully deployed in many organizations...

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