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Become More Data-driven by Leveraging Your SAP Data

In today’s world, management of data can be a major challenge. For many systems, including SAP, data in real-time and integrating it with other disparate sources has historically been difficult to accomplish. The traditional Data Warehouse approach can also be quite expensive to keep data fresh and control access to meet new and future data protection requirements. Denodo and Gateway Architect’s Meister Core™ offers a high-performance data virtualization solution, designed to fulfill those needs.

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Surpassing Element by Element Access Control: Semantic-Based Security Policies

Security of data in an organization is becoming more and more important. With a plethora of tools for storing and accessing many different data sets, securing an organization's data assets can quickly become a daunting task. Not only will this be hard on database administrators and data engineers, but it could also lead to mistakes and in the worst case data breaches. An efficient way to simplify the security of the data is to make decisions based on semantic information related to the data sets, instead of each data set itself; having additional information about use or sensitivity of the...

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Understanding API’s & Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Podcast Guest: Emily Sergent, Sales Engineer at Denodo

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The Power of Denodo for Data Services/API Management

Panel by Sathish TK, CTO at IQZ Systems; Aaron Werman, Senior Director of Data and Analytics at Techwave; Paresh Sansare, Cloud Data Practice Lead at CloudEQS; and moderated by Gary Shiller, Director - Partner & Channel Sales at Denodo.

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The power of Denodo for data services/API management

Panel by Jonathan Wisgerhof, Data Architect and Lead Data Virtualization at Axians; Paul Grooten, Enterprise Data Architect at Statistics Netherlands (CBS); Mark Pritchard, Director - EMEA Sales Engineering at Denodo; and moderated by Robin Tandon, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo.

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Product Demonstration: Why Data Mesh Needs Data Virtualization

Chris Day, Director, APAC Sales Engineering for Denodo, gives a product demonstration about the value and capabilities of implementing data mesh in different environments regarding a virtualization cluster using Denodo Design Studio of the Denodo Platform.Watch full webinar here.

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How Semantics Simplifies Data Sharing at an Enterprise Level

Semantics has been a topic often associated with academia with little impact in the analytics world. However, that tendency is starting to change, fueled by self-service and data democratization initiatives that broaden the scope of who’s accessing data and what those users expect.In this session, Pablo Alvarez, Global Director of Product Management, takes you for a deep dive into the exciting uses of semantics in data management. He will discuss why semantics is important for your data strategy, and how it can radically change your approach to managing things like self service, security, and...

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Technological Solutions | Maximising the true potential of your data assets

Presented at Digital Gov and Cloud Summit 2021Data Virtualisation is a logical data layer that virtually integrates all the data siloed across the disparate systems in an organisation, what-ever its format or structure. This presentation outlines how public sector organisations can leverage data virtualisation to:Create a sophisticated data service to easily share data within and across facilities in real-timeImplement a centralised governance framework and roll out security and access control measuresIntegrate data spread across on-prem legacy systems and cloud systems to find the single “...

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Why Data Mesh Needs Data Virtualization

Data mesh is a new decentralized paradigm for data analytics that aims to remove bottlenecks and take data decisions closer to those who understand the data. To minimize data silos, avoid duplication of effort, and ensure consistency, the data mesh paradigm proposes a unified infrastructure enabling domains to create and share data products while enforcing standards for interoperability, quality, governance, and security.Data virtualization solutions like the Denodo Platform have been designed precisely to provide a unified, governed, and secure data layer on top of multiple distributed data...

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Data Services and the Modern Data Ecosystem

Digital Transformation has changed IT the way information services are delivered. The pace of business engagement, the rise of Digital IT (formerly known as “Shadow IT), has also increased demands on IT, especially in the area of Data Management.Data Services exploits widely adopted interoperability standards, providing a strong framework for information exchange but also has enabled growth of robust systems of engagement that can now exploit information that was normally locked away in some internal silo with Data Virtualization.We will discuss how a business can easily support and manage a...

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