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It’s a Wrap! 2023 – A Groundbreaking Year for AI and The Way Forward (APAC)

A little over a year ago, we would not have expected the disruptions caused by the rise of Generative AI. If 2023 was a groundbreaking year for AI, what will 2024 bring? More importantly, what can you do now to take advantage of these trends and ensure you are future-proof?For example:Generative AI will become more powerful and user-friendly, enabling novel and realistic content creation and automation.Data Architectures will need to adapt to feed these powerful new models.Data ecosystems are moving to the cloud, but there is a growing need to maintain control of costs and optimize workloads...

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Lunch and Learn ANZ: Achieving Self-Service Analytics with a Governed Data Services Layer

In an increasingly distributed and complex data landscape, it is becoming increasingly difficult to govern and secure data effectively throughout the enterprise. Whether it be securing data across different repositories or monitoring access across different business units, the proliferation of data technologies and repositories across both on-premises and in the cloud is making the task unattainable. The challenge is only made greater by the ongoing pressure to offer self-service data access to business users.  Tune in and learn:How to use a logical data fabric to build an enterprise-wide...

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Data Services and Data Mesh projects made easy using Top-Down Modeling

In Data Services and Data Mesh Projects, decoupling the work of the Developer from that of the Data Architect or data products owner helps in speeding up the overall delivery of the project. It can be achieved by using Top-Down design. Do you want to follow Top-Down design in the Data Services or Data Mesh projects? Do you want to transform an existing Data Model into a Data Service Model easily? In the context of the Data Mesh project, do you want to make several teams create data products independently?Join us for the session with Rajeshkumar Ganeshan, Associate Director at Denodo, to...

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The Denodo Platform for Alibaba Cloud

Unleash the power of industry leading data integration and accelerate your digital transformation with Denodo running on Alibaba Cloud. Our cutting-edge solution empowers businesses to effortlessly integrate, manage and deliver data from diverse sources, all while leveraging Alibaba Cloud's scalable and flexible infrastructure. Experience breakthrough performance, simplified data discovery, and unleash the full potential of your data ecosystem with Denodo on Alibaba Cloud.

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Implementing and Managing a Data Fabric: Steps to Success

As data environments continue to grow more diverse, distributed, and complex, the need for agile data management has increased proportionally. To maximize the value of their data, organizations need to make it available to users where and when it's needed—fast, easy access is the mandate. This requires rethinking traditional data management practices.In response, data fabric has emerged as a new design concept aimed at solving the persistent challenges of integrating, governing, and sharing data across the enterprise. Through a unified architecture and combination of data services and...

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Become More Data-driven by Leveraging Your SAP Data

In today’s world, management of data can be a major challenge. For many systems, including SAP, data in real-time and integrating it with other disparate sources has historically been difficult to accomplish. The traditional Data Warehouse approach can also be quite expensive to keep data fresh and control access to meet new and future data protection requirements. Denodo and Gateway Architect’s Meister Core™ offers a high-performance data virtualization solution, designed to fulfill those needs.

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Surpassing Element by Element Access Control: Semantic-Based Security Policies

Security of data in an organization is becoming more and more important. With a plethora of tools for storing and accessing many different data sets, securing an organization's data assets can quickly become a daunting task. Not only will this be hard on database administrators and data engineers, but it could also lead to mistakes and in the worst case data breaches. An efficient way to simplify the security of the data is to make decisions based on semantic information related to the data sets, instead of each data set itself; having additional information about use or sensitivity of the...

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Understanding API’s & Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Podcast Guest: Emily Sergent, Sales Engineer at Denodo

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The Power of Denodo for Data Services/API Management

Panel by Sathish TK, CTO at IQZ Systems; Aaron Werman, Senior Director of Data and Analytics at Techwave; Paresh Sansare, Cloud Data Practice Lead at CloudEQS; and moderated by Gary Shiller, Director - Partner & Channel Sales at Denodo.

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The power of Denodo for data services/API management

Panel by Jonathan Wisgerhof, Data Architect and Lead Data Virtualization at Axians; Paul Grooten, Enterprise Data Architect at Statistics Netherlands (CBS); Mark Pritchard, Director - EMEA Sales Engineering at Denodo; and moderated by Robin Tandon, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo.

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