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Parallel In-Memory Processing and Data Virtualization Redefine Analytics Architectures
The tide is changing for analytics architectures. Traditional approaches, from the data warehouse to the data lake, implicitly assume that all relevant data can be stored in a single, centralized repository. But this approach is slow and expensive, and sometimes not even feasible, because some data sources are too big to be replicated, and data is often too distributed such as those found in cloud data sources to make a “full centralization” strategy successful.Attend this webinar to learn:Why Logical architectures are the best option when integrating Big Data.How Denodo’s parallel in-memory...
A Practical Approach to Getting Started with Self-Service
Business users feel that self-service today is more complicated than expected and spawns more requests to IT than ever before. Data is diverse, distributed in many locations and on many platforms and has quality issues. How can users unlock the full potential of the data with solid performance in a governed manner without softening security.Denodo’s self-service information catalog and business glossary enable both business and IT to realize the full potential of any data in the enterprise.Attend this session to learn how to:
Virtual Sandbox for Data Scientists at Enterprise Scale
The Virtual Sandbox is an overarching framework to support the enterprise-scale roll out of data science programs using the industry standard, CRISP-DM methodology.Attend this session to learn how the Virtual Sandbox optimizes analytical model generation, testing, deployment and subsequent refinement by:
Data Virtualization Packed Lunch Webinar Series
/*-->*/ Sessions Covering Key Data Integration Challenges Solved with Data Virtualization According to Gartner, “By 2018, organizations with data virtualization capabilities will spend 40% less on building and managing data integration processes for connecting distributed data assets.” This solidifies data virtualization as a critical piece of technology integral to flexible and agile modern data architecture.Join Denodo for this webinar series that addresses:
Three Dimensions of Data as a Service
Today’s evolving data landscape has spawned new business challenges that require innovative solutions. These challenges include:Strategic decision making, which relies on multiple perspectives such as social and economic factors that require combining internal and external data.Accounting for the increased volume and structural complexity of today’s data, and increased frequency required in delivering data assets.Coping with data silos that house data that must be combined and provisioned to support decision making.Exposing purpose-built analytics, such as supply chain, for consumption in...
Accelerate Self-service Analytics with Universal Semantic Model
Self-service initiatives are successful when business users’ views of the data are holistic and consistent across distinct business functions as enabled by Universal Semantic Model across multiple analytical/BI tools.Attend this session to learn how data virtualization:Is the best fit technology to enable the Universal Semantic ModelAccelerates Self-service BI initiativesProvides a holistic view of the dataAgenda:Data Virtualization for Self-service AnalyticsProduct DemonstrationSummary & Next StepsQ&A Visit the Packed Lunch Webinar Series page for details on all the sessions.
Centralize Security and Governance with Data Virtualization
Security, data privacy, and data protection represent concerns for organizations that must comply with policies and regulations that can vary across regions, data assets, and personas.Attend this session to learn how to employ data virtualization for:Customizing security policies in the data abstraction layer,Centralizing security when data is spread across multiple systems residing both on-premises and in the cloud, andControlling and auditing data access across different regions.Agenda:DV for Security and GovernanceProduct DemonstrationSummary & Next StepsQ&AVisit the Packed Lunch...
The Power of a Complete View of the Customer
A complete view of the customer encompasses a single view of the customer, the customer’s relationships, and the customer’s transactions and interactions, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and retention as well as increased revenue through up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.Attend this session to learn how data virtualization supports complete view of the customer by:Facilitating integration of master data with any other data throughout the enterpriseProviding real-time data access to the complete customer view, for any individual or organization across the company.Reducing data...
Big Data Fabric: A Recipe for Big Data Initiatives
Big data fabric combines essential big data capabilities in a single platform to automate the many facets of data discovery, preparation, curation, orchestration, and integration across a multitude of data sources. Attend this session to learn how Big Data Fabric enabled by data virtualization constitutes a recipe for:Enabling new actionable insights with minimal effortSecuring big data end-to-endAddressing big data skillset scarcityProviding easy access to data without having to decipher various data formatsAgenda:
Data Virtualization: An Introduction
According to Gartner, “By 2018, organizations with data virtualization capabilities will spend 40% less on building and managing data integration processes for connecting distributed data assets.” This solidifies Data Virtualization as a critical piece of technology for any flexible and agile modern data architecture.This session will:Introduce data virtualization and explain how it differs from traditional data integration approachesDiscuss key patterns and use cases of Data VirtualizationSet the scene for subsequent sessions in the Packed Lunch Webinar Series, which will take a deeper dive...