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TDWI Best Practices Report: Data Management for Advanced Analytics

Modern enterprises are expanding their analytics programs to improve their ability to make fact-based decisions, plan for an uncertain future, compete on analytics, and grow customer accounts. These high-value business goals require advanced forms of analytics, which in turn demand use-case-appropriate data integration, data platforms, and other data management. Without the right data in the right format on the right platform, critical and expensive efforts in advanced analytics have little or no business value.This report defines data management for advanced analytics (DM for AA), which...

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Denodo is proud to be a sponsor of the TDWI Virtual Summit on August 4-5,2020. This free event prepares leaders like you to steer their businesses through the complexities of predictive analytics and machine learning. You will learn the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities directly from TDWI research speakers. TDWI faculty speakers will help you put this knowledge to work with practical and actionable insights, and case study speakers will tell you what is working in their businesses. You will also be briefed on TDWI’s vendor landscape, helping you position technology in your plans.

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TDWI Virtual Summit Series--DATA ARCHITECTURE (US)

Denodo is proud to be a sponsor of the TDWI Virtual Summit on July 21-22,2020. This is a free event, you will learn how to sort through the latest trends and hype around cloud data architecture and how to apply actionable advice for success. Visit Denodo virtual booth to chat with our experts to learn more about how data virtualization complements a Data infrastructure.

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TDWI Checklist: Six Critical Capabilities of a Logical Data Fabric

As organizations opt for cloud computing platforms and migrate their data and applications to a hybrid cloud environment, they are perplexed about how to handle the transition of multiple legacy systems and applications, acquired over the years, to support business-critical analytical workloads. Without a good strategy and solution in place for the movement to the hybrid data environment, there is an increased risk of added complexity for business users in finding, accessing, and using enterprise data, which can impact their efficacy in day-to-day business operations and even cause business...

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Denodo is thrilled to be a Sponsor at TDWI Virtual Summit on June 9-11,2020. This is a free event that empowers leaders with actionable insights to maximize your company’s return on data and analytics. Attend Denodo session at 11:00am PT on June 9 to learn about “Defining an Architecture to Enable Your Citizen Analysts”.Visit Denodo virtual booth to chat with our experts to learn more about the importance of Data Virtualization in Data Literacy, Analytics and Architecture.

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TDWI Checklist Report: Six Critical Capabilities of a Logical Data Fabric

By Fern Halper and David Loshin

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TDWI Best Practices Report: Faster Insights from Faster Data

Organizations today place a high priority on fact-based, data-driven decision making. This makes speed to insight a competitive advantage. However, achieving faster insights can only happen if delays and bottlenecks are addressed using better practices and modern technologies. Some organizations use streaming, real-time analytics and AI to automate decisions and deliver actionable recommendations to users.This TDWI Best Practices Report examines where organizations are facing barriers to getting relevant data into the right condition for analytics, for developing artificial intelligence (AI)...

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TDWI Checklist Report: Six Strategies for Simplifying Hybrid, Multicloud Data Integration

How to exploit data virtualization to provide true data transparency across multiple cloud and on-premises environments

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Enabling Self-Service BI with a Logical Data Warehouse

Logical data warehousing enabled by data virtualization technology acts as a single holistic virtual repository for all enterprise data, providing a layer of abstraction between data sources and BI tools. This allows business users to access all-inclusive and up-to-the-minute data from source applications so they no longer have to depend on IT to build custom reports that span multiple systems.Download this TDWI brochure to learn more about:How data virtualization can help to avoid creating data silos that can impede enterprisewide insight.The logical data warehouse - its performance,...

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TDWI Webinar: Architecting a Hybrid Data Ecosystem

Achieving Technical Cohesion and Business Value in a Multi-platform EnvironmentOne of the strongest trends in data management today and into the future is the development of complex, multi-platform architectures that generate and integrate an eclectic mix of old and new data, in every structure imaginable, traveling in time frames from batch to real time. Successful organizations today apply data integration, application integration, and data virtualization – operating across multiple platforms, tools, and datasets – to design, unify, manage, govern, and optimize a hybrid data ecosystem. This...

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