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Saptarshi Sengupta

Sr. Director Product Marketing

Presented at TDWI VIRTUAL SUMMIT - Modernizing Data Management

While the technological advances of the past decade have addressed the scale of data processing and data storage, they have failed to address scale in other dimensions: proliferation of sources of data, diversity of data types and user persona, and speed of response to change. The essence of the data mesh and data fabric approaches is that it puts the customer first and focuses on outcomes instead of outputs.

In this session, Saptarshi Sengupta, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Denodo, will address key considerations and provide his insights on why some companies are succeeding with these approaches while others are not.

Watch On-Demand and Learn:

  • Why a logical approach is necessary and how it aligns with data fabric and data mesh
  • How some of the large enterprises are using logical data fabric and data mesh for their data and analytics needs
  • Tips to create a good data management modernization roadmap for your organization

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