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B&W Pantex Implements Denodo Platform in Its Facility

With Denodo’s data virtualization tool deployed in its facility, B&W Pantex has managed to securely deliver weapon lifecycle information with minimal replication to engineers, scientists and other users.

Pantex Turns to Data Virtualization for Nuclear Security

With Denodo’s data virtualization tool deployed in its facility, B&W Pantex has managed to securely deliver weapon lifecycle information with minimal replication to engineers, scientists and other users.

Accelerate Mobile & Web Application Development with Linked Data Services

Over the past few years, the demand for applications that run on mobile devices has exploded and there is no sign of this demand decreasing anytime soon. This, coupled with the rapid growth of cloud computing, has resulted in a large number of business applications that live outside the corporate firewall but still require agile access to data in corporate data centers, partner sources and public data like social media. These applications need quick and easy access to this data if they are to evolve rapidly in response to changing user preferences and business needs.

The Intersection of Big Data and Data Virtualization

Real-world big data use cases have moved beyond “possibilities” to multiple use patterns including analytics and low-cost archival storage of large datasets. In all cases, big data is thought of in an ENTERPRISE sense, even if big data analytics that is performed by data scientists is highly focused on a particular entity or problem such as customer behavior, sensor data or trade patterns. Today, data virtualization is playing a key role in exposing big data as abstracted data services using RESTful interfaces and real-time query capabilities to democratize access to this intelligence, and as such has enabled faster enterprise adoption of big data alongside traditional databases, operational systems and BI systems.

Capitalise on Change, Avoid the Disruption

As guests in Computer Business Review, Suresh Chandrasekaran and Suhaas Kodagali, of Denodo Technologies, explain how data virtualization creates an agile environment to deal with unforeseen events.

V is for Big Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization involves separating the physical source of data from its potential applications, with the goal of increasing business agility. It's a twist on the role of master data management (MDM), which is a must whenever one works with datasets of a certain size or diversity.Instead of physically grouping and storing datasets together -- as in one big giant database or data warehouse stored on a big wonking server or cluster -- virtualized data is stored in a distributed manner, across a series of disparate servers.


Why Data Virtualization Is Good for Big Data Analytics

In its report, Data Virtualization Reaches Critical Mass, Forrester Research says, “Integration of big data expands the potential for business insight” and cites this potential as a driver for data virtualization adoption. IT will need to adapt to this reality or become less relevant as business owners increasingly drive technology decisions.

Data Virtualization’s Value: Myth or Reality?

Data virtualization software provides an integrated view of disparate sources of data, regardless of their physical locations. Its abstraction layer accommodates structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data, enabling queries and results in real-time – or caching results for near real-time access.

Top CIOs Use IT to Speed Up the Business

Amgen makes biologic medicines, made of cells and proteins. The cultures can take months to grow. One wrong move and whole manufacturing lots can be ruined. Using statistical analysis of data points collected in real time during the process, Amgen identifies "weak signals" that could indicate brewing problems in the manufacturing cycle. Scientists then delve deeper, taking corrective steps if necessary. The analytics system includes virtualized data warehousing tools from Denodo.

The Three Spokes of Wisdom in the Wheel of (Big Data) Life

A conversation on big data and data virtualization over fine vegan food. The three spokes on the wheel of big data life. The Quest for higher purpose, business value. The Journey into multiple realms, of data. The Conquest of the three demons, cost, time and rigidity. The author claims no expertise on revered Buddhist philosophy, or for that matter, vegan cuisine. Those who know better are advised to seek wisdom elsewhere.