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Key Takeaways for 2022

2022 is coming to an end but our need for data never ends. We are continually looking for new ways to improve the data services that we provide and adopt new strategies to reduce costs while still delivering value. At this session we will look at the key takeaways for 2022 in data management and data integration, including;Data management and data integration market highlights for 2022Key achievements for Denodo in their journey as a leader in this marketA customer case study from Hastings Deering, Australia on how they have leveraged data virtualization for their Data Marketplace strategy...

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Design Guidelines for Data Mesh and Decentralized Data Organizations

In recent years, there has been a significant push towards decentralized data organizations where different domains are partially or fully responsible for exposing their own data for analytics.Join us in this session with Daniel Tenreiro, Sales Engineer at Denodo, in which he will share important design guidelines and best practices that can be used to implement many of the decentralization principles, such as the ones defined by the popular data mesh paradigm, using the Denodo Platform, powered by data virtualization.Watch On-Demand & Learn:Overview of decentralized data organizations...

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Cloud Migration Strategies that Ensure Greater Value for the Business

The cloud is no longer the future; the cloud is now. Companies continue to shift their workloads and data to the cloud to leverage the speed, agility, and efficient scalability the cloud offers. As a result, there is increasing attention given to cloud-based data warehouses, data lakes, and lake houses as a way for organizations to simplify managing their ever-increasing volumes of data. However, many find that these new technologies only complicate the data management process.Join Kevin Bohan, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo as he explores the challenges faced when adopting cloud...

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Implementing Data Governance based on Data Virtualization

Join Inessa Gerber, Director of Product Management at Denodo, and Richard Madsack, Principal Consultant Data Governance at QuinScape, talking about the challenges customers face when implementing Data Governance based on Data Virtualization. In this QuinScape webinar, the two speakers discuss a common understanding of the term and explain why Data Governance and Data Virtualization are closely related.In this online format, Inessa Gerber explains common challenges a customer faces when deploying Data Virtualization and how important a Data Catalog is, which is usually a starting point when...

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Partner Solution Brief: Opendatasoft and Denodo

In almost every organization, both public or private, data is distributed in an evolving IT infrastructure. That is mainly why organizations want their data strategies to evolve, migrating to the cloud, or unifying data warehouses and data lakes, without affecting business.Denodo’s data integration and data management platform, leveraging data virtualization technology, offers a new logical data delivery approach, enabling organizations to connect to various sources, integrate, manage and secure data quickly and efficiently.In order to cover the entire scope of the data value chain, combined...

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TDWI Solution Spotlight: Reduce Supply Chain Friction Through the Power of Integrated Data

Nobody needs to tell organizations dependent on supply chains that recent times have been full of uncertainty. Disruptions, economic challenges, global crises, and sudden changes in consumer demand continue to test resilience and agility. Supply chains today are complex and global, often involving hundreds, if not thousands, of suppliers and products at different stages of the journey from raw materials to finished goods in the hands of customers. However, data is distributed everywhere across global supply chains, and it is not always accessible, usable, up-to-date, or well governed....

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Data Virtualization: Adding Speed and Scale to Trusted Data Sharing

Data holds endless potential for agencies and companies. But if not properly shared, analyzed and visualized, that potential cannot be reached. As the federal data strategy encourages building a culture that values data and promoting public use, agencies are learning how to effectively prepare data for sharing and to convey insights — and traditional approaches won’t maximize their efforts.Data virtualization can power a logical data fabric layer that integrates all enterprise data siloed across disparate systems, whether on-premises or in the cloud. It can also manage the unified data for...

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Maximizing the Business Value of Data: Platforms, Integration, & Management

Research Insights from the Q3 2022 TDWI Best Practices Report

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Shaping the Role of a Data Lake in a Modern Data Fabric Architecture

Data lakes have been both praised and loathed. They can be incredibly useful to an organization, but it can also be the source of major headaches. Its ease to scale storage with minimal cost has opened the door to many new solutions, but also to a proliferation of runaway objects that have coined the term data swamp.However, the addition of an MPP engine, based on Presto, to Denodo’s logical layer can change the way you think about the role of the data lake in your overall data strategy.Watch on-demand this session to learn:The new MPP capabilities that Denodo includesHow to use them to your...

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Realizing the Promise of Self-Service Analytics in Manufacturing

Data virtualization is empowering business analysts in manufacturing enterprises to gain real-time access to integrated data across the entire organization

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