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Achieving Scalable Agile Comprehensive Data Management and Governance

Data demands are exploding as organizations democratize access and expand into advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). Distributed data environments are putting stress on data integration, turning today’s labyrinth of pipelines and transformation processes into bottlenecks that affect downstream applications. Pressure is growing on legacy systems and practices, driving higher costs and reducing business value.Data-driven business initiatives depend on scalable, agile, and comprehensive data management and data governance. Fortunately, AI/ML-infused...

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TDWI Best Practices Report: Achieving Scalable, Agile, and Comprehensive Data Management and Data Governance

The data explosion continues to accelerate across distributed landscapes with data on premises and on multiple cloud data platforms. Organizations face challenges as well as tremendous potential for increasing the value of data assets, including through data monetization—potential that can go untapped without good data management and governance.Data-driven business initiatives depend on scalable, agile, and comprehensive data management and governance. The latest applications embed sophisticated analytics using AI/ML capabilities that must be provisioned with continuous, integrated, curated...

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Top Five Strategies for Modernizing Your Data Architecture (APAC)

There is much hype around new data management approaches, from Cloud Data Warehouses to Data Lakes, Data Fabrics, and more. In this webinar, we will cut through the noise and focus on five key principles you must consider to modernize your data architecture and drive value for the business.What You’ll Learn:Practical advice on modernizing your data architectureHow to quickly deliver value to the businessKey considerations to position yourself for future change

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2023 GigaOm Sonar Report for Data Fabric Solutions

As the data landscape becomes increasingly distributed and diverse, advanced solutions like a logical data fabric, powered by data virtualization and artificial intelligence, become important for enterprise wide data management. In this report, Denodo has taken a clear Leaders position based on its outstanding focus and execution in the areas of data source connectivity, centralized access, data preparation, data integration, semantic model support and data governance.

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Data Sentinel and Denodo

Partnering to facilitate data protection and compliance, leveraging advanced data management and sophisticated automation

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The Value of Using a Logical Approach to Data Management in Energy and Utilities

For Energy and Utilities companies to transition into data- and AI-driven entities, their success depends on efficiently integrating data from an expanding array of sources in a timely fashion. This necessity has evolved into a critical mission to establish a robust data foundation characterized by high quality, security, and compliance. This foundation serves as a catalyst for generating insights, recommendations, and predictions. By building upon this foundation, these companies can develop the necessary insights to modernize grid networks, adopt cost-effective renewable energy sources,...

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Accelerating the Creation of Value with Data Mesh

Alberto Pan, Executive VP and CTO at Denodo, solution leader in data management, talks to us about the virtues of a decentralized approach to data management according to the Data Mesh concept, to increase the agility of data-driven organisations, guarantee the quality of data and democratize it.

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Partner Solution Brief: Alteryx and Denodo

Business users struggle to gain access to the data they need for analytics, because the necessary data is often stored across numerous different kinds of systems. They also struggle with gettingthe data in time to meet their needs, and in a format that they can immediately use.Working together, Alteryx and Denodo enable organizations to transform the “business-as-usual” of analytics into the modern capabilities of advanced analytics.

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Achieving Self-service Analytics with a Governed Data Services Layer

Data governance has always been scrutinized as a difficult, unrewarding, costly task, and often a hindrance to business. However, due to today's data protection and privacy regulations, data governance is increasingly considered as a crucial component of organizations. Companies are investing in governance policies, governance tools, data quality tools, data catalogs, and so forth to enhance their data governance performance.In this webinar, we will explore how a logical data management platform can enable a comprehensive data governance strategy that your company anticipates from such...

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The Value of Using a Logical Approach to Data Management in Financial Services and Insurance

In order for Financial Services and Insurance companies to embrace a data and AI-driven future, they must effectively integrate data from a growing array of sources. This necessity has evolved into a critical requirement for establishing a solid, secure, compliant, and robust data foundation. This foundation is pivotal in generating fresh insights, suggestions, and forecasts. By establishing this groundwork, these companies can develop real-time customer profiles, manage credit risks, combat fraud and financial crimes, ensure data security, address cybersecurity concerns, expand their...

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