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Analyst Webinar: The Role of a Logical Architecture in Modern Data and Analytics

Modern data and analytics requires empowerment of business users who possess domain knowledge and are best suited to have decentralized data ownership. But the current data landscape, which has a heavy dependency on data warehouse, is limited in terms of flexibility, extensibility and comprehensibility.In this session, we will reflect on the findings from the recent BARC report “The Future of Data Architecture - Has the data warehouse had its day?” with one of its authors, Jacqueline Bloemen, Senior Analyst at BARC. Jacqueline will provide us with insights pulled from the global survey...

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Myth Busters VII: I’m building a data mesh, so I don’t need data virtualization

A data mesh architecture offers a lot of promise to change the way we manage data – and for the better. But there’s a lot of confusion about a data mesh. People will tell you that you can build a data mesh on top of a data lake or on top of a data warehouse, and that you don’t need data virtualization to build a data mesh.Many vendors are jumping on to the data mesh bandwagon and are claiming that they inherently support a data mesh architecture. But do they? How much of this is hype versus reality? Is it true that you don’t need data virtualization to build a scalable, enterprise-grade data...

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How to Elevate Enterprise Intelligence in Your Organisation

IDC predicts that the amount of data created across the globe will grow by more than 3x over the next four years (from 12.4ZB in 2021 to more than 40ZB in 2025) and 25% of the global datasphere will consist of real-time data by 2025. Data management and data integration pose significant barriers to leveraging this data.IDC’s concept of the Data Control Plane can help to address these challenges. It is an architectural layer that combines a holistic set of data activities to manage and control the behavior of people and processes in the use of distributed, diverse, and dynamic data to better...

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IDC InfoBrief: Enterprise Intelligence Unlocked

Assessing the Central Role of Data Control Plane and Data Virtualization

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Why is Active Metadata Management Essential?

Podcast Guest: Ravi Shankar, Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer at Denodo

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Overcoming Data Management Challenges in AI/ML

The ever-growing data landscape drives initiatives to automate many aspects of the analytics lifecycle; such as data access, enablement of semantics, BI and others. Automation has become an integral part of our daily lives in the enterprise data fabric. The AI-driven initiative to automate the data access and provide guidance to the right data assets, correlates with the initiatives of the data scientists to get access to more curated data.In this session we will discuss:The need for AI driven automation and associated challengesLogical Data Fabric architecture for AI initiativesEmpowering...

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Enterprise Data Marketplace: A Centralized Portal for All Your Data Assets

Organizations continue to collect mounds of data and it is spread over different locations and in different formats. The challenge is navigating the vastness and complexity of the modern data ecosystem to find the right data to suit your specific business purpose. Data is an important corporate asset and it needs to be leveraged but also protected.By adopting an alternate approach to data management and adapting a logical data architecture, data can be democratized while providing centralized control within a distributed data landscape. The web-based Data Catalog tool a single access point...

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Partner Solution Brief: Humanativa and Denodo

Today, organizations are not lacking in data. However, with growing data volumes, many continue to struggle with data privacy, consistency, and quality, as well as compliance with a growing number of regulations. In response, organizations need robust, end-to-end data governance capabilities. Unfortunately, many organizations today are unable to achieve these critical capabilities.Working together, Humanativa and Denodo enable companies to overcome each of these challenges, so they can implement powerful data governance programs that enable them to gain the maximum value from their growing...

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How Do You Accelerate the Path From Data to Value for Your Business?

As more businesses shift towards a data-driven culture, it has never been more crucial to improve data management, integration and delivery strategies to provide enterprise intelligence at speed. Having a modern data architecture and approach that allows an organization to be agile and adaptive is key. As we democratize data and make it more accessible, we also need to be smarter about how we deliver data to the data consumers and how it is secured and governed.Tune in to this session as our panel speakers from Deutsche Bank, Unilever and Denodo discuss an alternative method for data delivery...

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Devfacto: Modernize your data management

Watch on-demand as we uncover how to unlock the value of your organization’s data through a modern approach to data management.What you’ll learn:The main reason prior approaches to data management don’t (can’t!) workA new approach can improve your velocity, increase quality and decrease risk of your data provisioning effortsHow to implement modern data management without disrupting your business

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