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Logical Data Management as the Foundation for a Data-Driven Organization (APAC)

While most companies have initiatives to become data-driven, the fact of the matter is that data is underutilized. In a recent survey, 62% of respondents indicated they could not find, access, and analyze over half of their data. As a result, your organization makes decisions using a partial view of the facts.One of the main causes for this problem is that your data is distributed over a wide variety of locations and stored in a variety of formats.Modern data-driven organizations are adopting new approaches like a data fabric or a data mesh to help them manage this diverse and distributed...

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Leading Agricultural Technology Company Leverages the Denodo Platform to Improve Data-Driven Decision Making

This leading agricultural technology company develops geographically specialized, seasonal agrichemical products that help farmers get the best results from their crops while also improving the soil. For their research they rely on large amounts of granular data. Recently, the company engaged in an enterprise-wide initiative to accelerate its decision science and decision-making capabilities, beginning with its division that focuses on seeds.

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Sunbelt Rentals Leverages the Denodo Platform to accelerate its journey to becoming the #1 equipment rental provider in North America

As the #2 equipment rental provider in North America, Sunbelt Rentals had a clear goal: to become #1. To achieve that, the company would have to expand its customer base and offerings, which is a multifaceted goal. However, the company knew that a critical starting point was a digital transformation focused on more efficient data management. Different teams within Sunbelt Rentals were using different sets of applications, each supported by different databases that often overlapped and conflicted.

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Myth Busters 9: Data virtualization doesn’t help me with data governance

In the past, data governance was looked upon as a thankless task, more of a hindrance to business than a facilitator. However, because of today's data privacy regulations, data governance is increasingly seen as a critical function across most organizations. Companies are investing in governance tools, data quality tools, data catalogs, and so on in an effort to improve their data governance function.Many people think that data virtualization has no role to play in data governance, that it's just a data access layer. And this is why we're back with another episode of Myth Busters!

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Implementing and Managing a Data Fabric: Steps to Success

As data environments continue to grow more diverse, distributed, and complex, the need for agile data management has increased proportionally. To maximize the value of their data, organizations need to make it available to users where and when it's needed—fast, easy access is the mandate. This requires rethinking traditional data management practices.In response, data fabric has emerged as a new design concept aimed at solving the persistent challenges of integrating, governing, and sharing data across the enterprise. Through a unified architecture and combination of data services and...

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Building Fast, Resilient Data Infrastructures for Financial Services

Throughout the UK and Northern Europe, data leaders are watching their digital transformation strategies mature, and managing an ever-increasing amount of data as a result. For financial institutions dealing with data silos and legacy systems, this has created many challenges.Read this new research report, produced in conjunction with Corinium Global Intelligence, surveying 100 data leaders in financial services to find out why the industry is among those shifting away from using data lakes and enterprise-wide data warehouses to support their initiatives, and towards federated, domain-...

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Building a Data Fabric: Lessons Learned from the Field

Panel by Sathish TK, CTO at IQZ Systems, and James Barnes, Senior Vice President of Architecture and Enterprise Data at Primerica Insurance; and moderated by Pablo Alvarez Global Director Product Management at Denodo.

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Bridging Data Gaps with a Solid Data Foundation - A Key Imperative for Today’s Financial Services Firms

Panel by Jason Medwid, Practice Manager, Data and Analytics at Devfacto, and Greg Bowles, IT Shared Technology Services Manager at UFCU; and moderated by Parker Thompson, VP at Denodo.

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Importance of a Logical First Architecture in a Cloud First Data Landscape

Panel by Jacob Lynn, Data & Analytics Manager at Textron and Rex Washburn, Lead Architect & Head of Portfolio, Modern Data Platforms at CDW; and moderated by Inessa Gerber, Director of Product Management at Denodo.

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Transforming Data Management in the Cloud with the Denodo Platform

Denodo Keynote by Paul Moxon, SVP Data Architectures & Chief Evangelist at Denodo.

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