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BARC Research Study: Data, BI and Analytics Trend Monitor 2023

The world's largest survey of data, BI and analytics trends

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The New Role of Data in the Changing Energy & Utilities Landscape

How to enable data-driven transformation in the energy sector.

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How to Place Data at the Center of Digital Transformation in BFSI

Consumers are increasingly using digital banking tools and insurance models, and these numbers will only continue to grow. Financial and insurance organizations have to adapt to the new and always changing situation while complying with new regulations, such as IFRS17, and embracing ESG criteria.

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Key Takeaways for 2022

2022 is coming to an end but our need for data never ends. We are continually looking for new ways to improve the data services that we provide and adopt new strategies to reduce costs while still delivering value. At this session we will look at the key takeaways for 2022 in data management and data integration, including;Data management and data integration market highlights for 2022Key achievements for Denodo in their journey as a leader in this marketA customer case study from Hastings Deering, Australia on how they have leveraged data virtualization for their Data Marketplace strategy...

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Supply Chain Optimization through the Power of Integrated Data

Having control over the flow of timely and accurate information is complex. Any disruption in any link of the supply chain can cause unexpected delays. That means that you don’t get what you need, when you need it, to deliver in your business. Your customers don’t get what they need and expect from you.This report looks at how better data management along the supply chain is at the heart of your success by improving visibility, predicting outcomes, and removing bottlenecks. It offers insight from leading experts and manufacturers like Ford, Lockheed Martin, and GeorgiaPacific to suggest...

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DBTA Report: Modern Data Management Principles for the Hybrid and Multi-Cloud World

Cloud computing got its start promising greatly reduced complexity for enterprises mired in the spaghetti architectures of multiplatform and multi-function on-premises systems. Lately, the opposite is happening, as cloud environments have become even more complex.These days, just about every cloud-based infrastructure relies on more than a single cloud provider. A multi-cloud approach is the de facto standard among organizations, according to Flexera’s 2022 State of the Cloud Report. Eighty-nine percent of respondents reported having a multi-cloud strategy, and 80% are taking a hybrid...

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State of Data Management in Canadian Enterprises

The State of Data Management in Canadian Enterprises is based on survey results from 100 Canadian enterprises. The survey identifies the top challenges facing data-focused executives and explores how they are working to overcome those challenges to enable better business performance and agility in 2022.The survey focuses on three core themes:

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Cloud Migration Strategies that Ensure Greater Value for the Business

The cloud is no longer the future; the cloud is now. Companies continue to shift their workloads and data to the cloud to leverage the speed, agility, and efficient scalability the cloud offers. As a result, there is increasing attention given to cloud-based data warehouses, data lakes, and lake houses as a way for organizations to simplify managing their ever-increasing volumes of data. However, many find that these new technologies only complicate the data management process.Join Kevin Bohan, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo as he explores the challenges faced when adopting cloud...

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TDWI Best Practices Report: Maximizing Business Value with Data Platforms, Data Integration, and Data Management

Maximizing the value of data platforms with data integration and data management capabilities is essential for organizations that want to become data- and analytics-driven. Increasingly—but not entirely—based in the cloud, these systems and services are the engine of modern applications and smarter processes for higher business efficiency and innovation.Research indicates the need for tighter integration between two traditionally separate worlds: one devoted to analytics generation and the data integration, platforms, and management that support analytics, and the other devoted to mission-...

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Maximizing the Business Value of Data: Platforms, Integration, & Management

Research Insights from the Q3 2022 TDWI Best Practices Report

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