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Partner Solution Brief: ABeam Consulting and Denodo

The insurance industry faces intense competition and structural changes due to the economic and social environment. To succeed in this environment, insurers need sophisticated management and consulting services to help them expand their business, boost profitability, and refine risk management efforts.There is a big shift towards service-based offerings, for example, providing road-side assistance to go along with your vehicle insurance or monitoring services for your home security system, or providing investment advice for life and pensions to protect financial assets.Mergers and...

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How Estes Express Lines Improved Logistics, Increased Customer Satisfaction, and Reduced Labor Costs using Logical Data Management

Podcast Guest: Ravi Shankar, Senior VP & Chief Marketing Officer at Denodo

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DBTA Report: The Rise of Data Fabric Architecture

Data fabric is a term used to describe a set of technologies, services, and strategies that provide ‘a unified and reliable view’ of data spanning hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Eliminating data silos, surfacing insights more effectively, and increasing the productivity and value of data are some of the ways data fabric can improve data management at organizations.Download this special report to dive into building a data fabric, including key components, challenges, and emerging best practices.

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TDWI Snapshot Series: 2023 State of Data Management

As organizations try to keep up with new data types and become more advanced analytically, they must evolve and improve their data management practices.Numerous interrelated factors contribute to the current state of data management. Many organizations are trying to unify their data for analysis, which may include a logical or physical architecture. Some enterprises are using cloud data stacks to store and manage their data; others are using a data fabric to stitch data together across multiple environments. Some are hiring CDOs or implementing DataOps to handle complex data pipelines.Modern...

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The State of Data Management: Findings from a New TDWI Research Study

As organizations strive to keep up with increasingly complex data and enhance their analytical capabilities, they often need to transform their data management practices. TDWI has observed that many organizations are migrating to the cloud or already have hybrid models in place that involve both on-premises and cloud platforms. Some are utilizing cloud data stacks to manage and store their data, while others use a data fabric strategy to integrate data across multiple environments, both on premises and in the cloud.To better understand and manage their data, they are implementing data...

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TDWI Best Practices Report: Responsible Data and Analytics

Enterprises are under increasing pressure to address social, environmental, and other responsible outcomes in their digital operations. To stay ahead of the curve, data management and analytics professionals have begun to address such topics as ethics, equity, fairness, safety, and sustainability in their strategic planning and operational practices.This TDWI Best Practices Report examines where organizations are today in terms of responsible data and analytics and what work they still need to do. It also addresses organizational imperatives and technologies to help organizations become more...

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The Evolution of Data Stack: From Query Accelerators to Data Fabrics

The data landscape has become more complex with new use cases like IoT, Streaming and Edge analytics. To better manage enterprise data distributed across data lakes, data warehouses, and many other systems residing on-premises and in the cloud, enterprises are turning to various data management technologies like query accelerators, data virtualization, and data fabrics. Each address specific needs of an organization, but which is the right solution to help you meet your business objectives?Join Denodo for a webinar featuring guest speaker, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst, Noel Yuhanna, to...

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Value Adds of Modern Data Management and the Role of Big Data & Analytics

Podcast Guest: Mark Pritchard, Director of Sales Engineering (EMEA), Denodo

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Future proof Data Management Through Logical Architectures Data Fabric and Data Mesh

Presented at DATAVERSITY Demo Day – Enterprise Data Management ToolsData fabric and data mesh are two concepts frequently mentioned in conversations surrounding enterprise data management. Over the past two decades, enterprises have managed data by oscillating through cycles of centralization and decentralization. Despite the abundance of options, the conundrum remains — businesses want data to be in one place, and easy to find. Collecting all the data into a single location continues to be a challenge. Data fabric and data mesh designs, powered by data virtualization, can help businesses...

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Logical Data Management Approach for Smart Government

Public sector organizations face operational, regulatory, organizational, and cultural challenges as they attempt to become more agile, resilient, relevant, and reliable in the digital age. For the Singapore Government, becoming a Smart Nation — becoming digital-to-the-core — has meant defining a proven data strategy and innovative mandates to progress toward achieving this goal.Digitalization is a key pillar for such a transformation, accelerating the use of data and technology to become a fully data-driven organization.Read this Industry brief to learn how to leverage data in the optimal...

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