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Forrester Study: The Total Economic Impact™ of Data Virtualization Using The Denodo Platform

Through four customer interviews and data aggregation, Forrester concluded that Denodo customers can achieve a three year benefit of $6.8M, ROI of 408%, and payback within 6 months.

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Vizient Cuts Costs and Improves Member Services Using Denodo Data Virtualization

Download the document to see the full case study and how Denodo data virtualization technology helped this healthcare company.

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Data Virtualization: The Smartest Way To Creating A Data Marketplace (Australia)

Presented at Data Analytics for Enterprise (Australia)Today most organizations rely on data-driven insights to make critical operational and strategic decisions. But given the complexity and vastness of the modern enterprise data ecosystem, finding the right data set and extracting actionable insights is an extremely complicated and time-consuming process.That’s where data virtualization can be used to abstract that complexity and introduce simplicity. Data Virtualization is a modern data integration technique that uses a single unified semantic layer to give you visibility into all of your...

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Why Data Mesh Needs Data Virtualization (ASEAN)

Data mesh is a new decentralized paradigm for data analytics that aims to remove bottlenecks and take data decisions closer to those who understand the data. To minimize data silos, avoid duplication of effort, and ensure consistency, the data mesh paradigm proposes a unified infrastructure enabling domains to create and share data products while enforcing standards for interoperability, quality, governance, and security.Data virtualization solutions like the Denodo Platform have been designed precisely to provide a unified, governed, and secure data layer on top of multiple distributed data...

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TDWI Spotlight Canada: Modernizing a Legacy Data Warehouse to a Cloud Data Warehouse Using Logical Architectures

Are you modernizing your legacy on-premises data warehouse to its cloud equivalent? Stop! Have you answered these questions: Which cloud data warehouse? Does it fit my performance, scale, and cost requirements? How long will it take? How will my business users access the data during the transition?Modernizing a legacy data warehouse that has been in place for the last 20-30 years by migrating to the cloud is not an easy job. Learn the right way to do it and do it correctly the first time. Don’t experiment and waste time, effort, and money!Join David Loshin, president of Knowledge Integrity,...

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Physical or Logical Data Fabric: Which One to Use and When? (APAC)

What is a data fabric? Gartner defines it as “one architecture that can address the extreme levels of diversity, distribution, scale and complexity in organizations’ data assets that are adding tremendous complexity to the overall data integration and data management design.” But do you know that data fabric can be logical or physical? What’s the difference? Which one to use and when?In this session you will learn:What is a data fabric?How is a physical data fabric different from a logical data fabric?Which one should you use and when?What’s the underlying technology that makes up the data...

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TDWI Best Practices Report: Unified Platforms for Modern Analytics

The demand for analytics continues to grow. More organizations want to advance beyond dashboards to self-service analytics and more sophisticated algorithms such as machine learning.To support this trend, enterprises are moving towards a unified environment for data and analytics. This platform is often cloud-based to take advantage of scale and flexibility and support massive amounts of data and compute-intensive workloads. It is automated and augmented to help address data and analytics complexity.This TDWI Best Practices Report examines the adoption, use, challenges, architectures, and...

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Stitching together your Logical Data Fabric for increased business agility

Presented at Corinium CDAO FallAre you sitting on data gold but struggling to leverage its value? Companies are continuously collecting data and finding innovative ways to store it. But how do we unify our data silos to generate valuable insights? Logical Data Fabric stitched together with Data Virtualization holds the answers to many of the questions. In addition, this approach to data management will increase the agility and speed to market your data product.Attend this session to learn:What constitutes Logical Data Fabric and the underlying modern infrastructureWhy choose a Logical vs. a...

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Real-time Integration of Financial Data in a Multi-source Scenario for Improved Decision-making

From numerous years of consolidation in business through acquisitions and mergers, or from the departmental preferences practiced by many large enterprises, these companies end up with data residing in silos that do not speak with each other. For critical functions such as the CFO office, tapping into these silos of information in real-time becomes crucial for accurate, reliable and timely decision-making.Using data virtualization, a simplified and streamlined data delivery mechanism between the source systems and the consumption layer can be facilitated, irrespective of the number and...

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Enabling Data Democratization at BNY Mellon with Data Virtualization

Presented at FST Future of Financial Services Melbourne BNY Mellon, a global investment company and one of the oldest financial institutions that prides itself to power the success across the financial world for individuals and institutions through unique insights, thinking and actions, wanted to create an enterprise data platform (EDP). The EDP provides a massive analytics and reporting platform, enabling us to generate actionable insights to improve processes and business performance.Watch on-demand this presentation to learn:What core values, feature and functionalities does the EDP...

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