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Vizient Cuts Costs and Improves Member Services Using Denodo Data Virtualization

Download the document to see the full case study and how Denodo data virtualization technology helped this healthcare company.

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Myth Busters: I’m Building a Data Lake, So I Don’t Need Data Virtualization (ASEAN)

So you’re building a data lake to solve your big data challenges. A data lake will allow you to keep all of your raw, detailed data in a single, consolidated repository; therefore, your problem is solved. Or is it? Is it really that easy? Watch this webinar as we explore the promises of a data lake as well as its downfalls to draw a final conclusion.

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Logical Data Warehouse: The Foundation of Modern Data and Analytics (APAC)

Companies are investing in data warehouse modernization and data lake projects for descriptive and advanced analytics; however, for the analysis to be holistic, today’s architects weave disparate data streams together, not only from these analytical sources, but also from operational, third party, and streaming data sources. Logical data warehouse is a modern architectural methodology that virtually combines all the data across the enterprise and makes it available to analytical and visualization tools that facilitate timely, insightful, and impactful decisions throughout the enterprise.In...

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Exploiting Big Data to Accelerate Digital Transformation: Government Sector Applications (Middle East)

A key aspect for achieving digital transformation is the data. Government organizations are well aware of the challenges that amount from increasing volume and velocity of data generation from multiple sources, such as enterprise applications, social media, integrated systems and sensory data. This webinar will discover how to utilize big data in the government sector and how to overcome data challenges to accelerate digital transformation.Key points:Digital transformation in the government sector.The importance of data in digital transformation.The challenges of big data.The concept of data...

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Empowering your Enterprise with a Self-Service Data Marketplace (EMEA)

Self-service is a major goal of modern data strategists. A successfully implemented self-service initiative means that business users have access to holistic and consistent views of data regardless of its location, source or type. As data unification and data collaboration become key critical success factors for organisations, data catalogs play a key role as the perfect companion for a virtual layer to fully empower those self-service initiatives and build a self-service data marketplace requiring minimal IT intervention.Denodo’s Data Catalog is a key piece in Denodo’s portfolio to bridge...

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Data Virtualization: An Introduction

What is Data Virtualization and why do I care? In this webinar we intend to help you understand not only what Data Virtualization is but why it's a critical component of any organization's data fabric and how it fits. How data virtualization liberates and empowers your business users via data discovery, data wrangling to generation of reusable reporting objects and data services. Digital transformation demands that we empower all consumers of data within the organization, it also demands agility too. Data Virtualization gives you meaningful access to information that can be shared by a myriad...

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Agile Data Management with Enterprise Data Fabric (Middle East)

In a world where machine learning and artificial intelligence are changing our everyday lives, digital transformation tops the strategic agenda in many private and government organizations. Data is becoming the lifeblood of a company, flowing seamlessly through it to enable deep business insights, create new opportunities, and optimize operations.Chief Data Officers and Data Architects are under continuous pressure to find the best ways to manage the overwhelming volumes of the data that tend to become more and more distributed and diverse.Moving data physically to a single location for...

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Introduzione alla Virtualizzazione dei Dati (Italian)

In un’era sempre più dominata dal cloud computing, dall’AI e dall’analisi avanzata, può sembrare per lo meno anacronistico che molte organizzazioni facciano ancora affidamento ad architetture di dati costruite prima della fine del secolo.Fortunatamente questo scenario sta subendo un cambiamento repentino con l’adozione di nuove tecnologie di integrazione dati, come la virtualizzazione dei dati, che forniscono un livello logico, in tempo reale e sicuro di accesso ai dati aziendali. Le diverse sorgenti dati non devono più essere trasferite fisicamente in un nuovo repositorio e trasformate, ...

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Introduction to Modern Data Virtualization 2021 (APAC)

“Through 2022, 60% of all organisations will implement data virtualization as one key delivery style in their data integration architecture," according to Gartner. What is data virtualization and why is its adoption growing so quickly? Modern data virtualization accelerates that time to insights and data services without copying or moving data.Attend this webinar to learn:Why organizations across the world are adopting data virtualizationWhat is modern data virtualizationHow data virtualization works and how it compares to alternative approaches to data integration and managementHow modern...

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Myth Busters III: I’m Building a Data Lake, So I Don’t Need Data Virtualization

So you’re building a data lake to solve your big data challenges. A data lake will allow you to keep all of your raw, detailed data in a single, consolidated repository; therefore, your problem is solved. Or is it? Is it really that easy?Data lakes have their use and purpose, and we’re not here to argue that. However, data lakes on their own are constrained by factors such as duplication of data and therefore higher costs, governance limitations, and the risk of becoming another data silo.With the addition of data virtualization, a physical data lake, can turn into a virtual or logical data...

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