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How can Insurers Accelerate Digital Transformation with Data Virtualization (Singapore)

Insurers’ globally are accelerating their digital journey, making rapid strides with their digitisation efforts, and adding key capabilities to adapt and innovate in the new normal. However, many insurance organisations find this transformation challenging as they rely on established systems that are often not only poorly integrated, but also highly resistant to modernisation without downtime. Hear how peers in your industry are leveraging data virtualization that facilitates digital transformation via a modern data integration / data delivery approach to gain greater agility, flexibility,...

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Future of Data Strategy (UK)

You will often hear that "data is the new gold". In this context, data management is one of the areas that has received more attention by the software community in recent years. From Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to new ways to store and process data, the landscape for data management is in constant evolution. From the privileged perspective of an enterprise middleware platform, we at Denodo have the advantage of seeing many of these changes happen.In this webinar we will discuss the technology trends that will drive the enterprise data strategies in the years to come. Don't...

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Cloud Modernization and Data as a Service Option (APAC)

The current data landscape is fragmented, not just in location but also in terms of shape and processing paradigms. Cloud has become a key component of modern architecture design. Data lakes, IoT, NoSQL, SaaS, etc. coexist with relational databases to fuel the needs of modern analytics, ML and AI. Exploring and understanding the data available within your organization is a time-consuming task. And all of this without even knowing if that data will be useful at all.Attend this session to learn:How dynamic data challenges and the speed of change requires a new approach to data architecture....

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L'importanza di una vista unica e a 360° delle informazioni (Italy)

Una vista a 360° consente all’azienda di avere informazioni complete circa le relazioni dei propri clienti, le loro transazioni e le interazioni, con l’obbiettivo di aumentare la loro soddisfazione e, conseguentemente, la loro fidelizzazione, nonché di aumentare i ricavi attraverso opportunità di up-selling e cross-selling.La virtualizzazione dei dati consente alle aziende di implementare un unico Layer virtuale, che aggreghi le diverse fonti di dati, siano esse On-Premise on in Cloud, rendendo possibile definire un modello semantico unificato, a beneficio di tutti i Data Consumer, siano essi...

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Leveraging Data Virtualization for Digital Transformation (Middle East)

In troubled times like the current coronavirus pandemic, which is causing unprecedented reduction in budgets and staff, CIOs look to invest in technologies that advance their digital transformation projects while lowering costs. Data integration and management is critical to a successful digital transformation, but some aging, rigid technologies are driving enterprises to look for modern, flexible, efficient, and cost-effective alternatives.

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Demo: How Data Virtualization Adds Value to Your Data Science Stack

Chris Day, Director APAC Sales Engineering at Denodo, gives a product demonstration on how data virtualization platform helps data scientists offload these data integration tasks, allowing them to focus on advanced analytics.Watch this demo to learn how: Provides all of the enterprise data, in real-time, and without replicationEnables data scientists to create and share multiple logical models using simple drag and dropProvides a catalog of all business definitions, lineage, and relationships

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Building Resiliency and Agility with Data Virtualization for the New Normal (Philippines)

While the impact of COVID-19 is uniform across organisations in the region, a lot of how the organisation can recover from the impact and strive in the market would depend on their resiliency and business agility. An organisation’s data management strategy holds the key, as they tackle the challenges of siloed data sources, optimising for operational stability, and ensuring real time delivery of consistent and reliable information, irrespective of the data source or format.Join this session to hear why large organisations are implementing Data Virtualization, a modern data integration...

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Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning with Data Virtualization

Advanced data science techniques, like machine learning, have proven an extremely useful tool to derive valuable insights from existing data. Platforms like Spark, and complex libraries for R, Python and Scala put advanced techniques at the fingertips of the data scientists. However, these data scientists spent most of their time looking for the right data and massaging it into a usable format. Data virtualization offers a new alternative to address these issues in a more efficient and agile way.Attend this webinar and learn:

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Three Dimensions of Data as a Service (Middle East)

Today’s evolving data landscape has spawned new business challenges that require innovative solutions. These challenges include:Strategic decision-making, which relies on multiple perspectives such as social and economic factors that require combining internal and external data.Accounting for the increased volume and structural complexity of today’s data, and increased frequency required in delivering data assets.Coping with data silos that house data that must be combined and provisioned to support decision-making.Exposing purpose-built analytics, such as supply chain, for consumption in...

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Virtualization for Business Users with Denodo's Data Catalog (APAC)

A successful data virtualization initiative bridges the gap between two very different perspectives of data management: IT and business. However, most of the emphasis in these initiatives is put on the IT side, modeling, performance, security, etc. Business users are often left with a large library of data sets, hard to use and navigate.Denodo’s data catalog has been designed to cover the needs of those users and simplify the use and understanding of the virtual layer from the business perspective. It provides the extra capabilities required for self-service initiatives to succeed, while...

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